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Our geysers have a full 2 year guarantee and come fully refurbished.

Our refurbished second hand geysers come with a full 2 year guarantee
We constantly strive to provide you with the best prices possible!

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We provide you with refurbished second hand geysers at an affordable price, and also provide maintenance on existing geysers.

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WeSellGeysers is the refurbished second hand geysers company that you need! We sell second hand refurbished geysers at a fraction of the price of normal geysers. Furthermore, our refurbished second hand geysers come with a whopping two year guarantee. Not only are you buying a geyser at a fraction of the price, but you’re also getting a superb guarantee deal out of it. That’s not all. We also sell refurbished valve sets for R650. This deal includes a pressure control valve, safety valve, drainage tap and 2 vacuum breakers. Our refurbished second hand geysers are sold in 100 litres and 150 litre units.


Running To Your Aid!

Do you need an already existing and installed geyser repaired? Well, at WeSellGeysers, we provide more than refurbished second hand geysers, we also repair existing and installed geysers.

We currently sell our refurbished second hand geysers conveniently from Pretoria.

Geysers are an essential part of everyday life. Very few establishments in modern times can function without a geyser. This is simply because geysers have become a paramount part to most people’s days as well as the operation of most buildings. Without a geyser, the regulation of hot and cold water would be impossibly. Dishwashers won’t have hot water to quickly wash dishes, taps won’t have hot water that is essential for hygiene when washing in a sink and you we won’t have the satisfying sensation of taking a hot bath or shower without a geyser.  There is one problem though. Geysers are expensive, really expensive. That is why, at WeSellGeysers, we’ve specifically identified this as a problem that needs to be addressed. We understand the immense expenses that come with owning a home. Thus, we present refurbished second hand geysers at an affordable price. You can now afford to buy a functioning geyser for your home, while also having the peace of mind that your newly acquired refurbished second hand geyser comes with a full 2 year guarantee.